STM 2448 X Z Link A16 Ultra

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STM 2448 X Z Link A16 Ultra

Post by dawman » Sun Sep 25, 2016 10:22 am

Preparing for an A16 Ultra so made a Z Link project.

Using the XITE-1 ins and outs, plus the A16s I can mix the whole group live.
Did this before using 3 x Scope Pro cards and it was a PITA.
Not because of Scope but I became a soundman with lots of requests while trying
to perform my own stuff.

Now I have an XITE-1/A16 and the mighty Physis K4 Controller, piece of cake.

Lead VOX
Bass Direct
2nd Lead VOX
JCM 800 mic'd
Pulse Tube Amp mic'd
Kick/snare/hihat/ 3 rack toms/2 floor toms

3 sets of IEMs
QSC KW Series PA w/ 2 x QSC K12 Sidefills
DBX iEQ-15 for Mains
DBX 1046
Bellari RP562 Sonic Enhancer w/ RCA 5751 Command matched NOS NIB Tubes circa 1958
2 x Cascaded TC Fireworx for vocal FX
1 x TC Fireworx for Keys

STM with 14 channel insert FX
AUX 1 SAL Chorus
AUX 3 dNa Prime Time
AUX 4 SC Room Reverb
AUX 5 Fireworx keys
AUX 6 Fireworx Vocals (Cascaded x 2 )

BUS Outs for 3 x JHAudio Raxanne custom IEMs
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Re: STM 2448 X Z Link A16 Ultra

Post by yayajohn » Mon Sep 26, 2016 6:49 am

Pretty cool setup!

I always forget about those external effects modules. Very nifty things to keep down on the project window clutter

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