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Posted: Fri Mar 13, 2009 5:47 am
by dawman
Although I had to zero out all of my synth polyphony, I have my first template project, so when the XITE-1 becomes available I will be prepared with my 1st Synth & Sampler project.

JBowens QWave and SpaceF's MultiSynth are Multi timbral beasts that require serious DSP power.
QWave, B2003 and my external hardware Analog and hardware Solaris synth will all have Mehdi's CC Devices. These devices can control all synths inside and outside of the project window.
My synths will be mixed in the SpaceF Valve mixer, and then sent to the SpaceF MB4-II mixer.
The MB4-II mixer will mix all of my Samples and VST FX like Softube's Acoustic Feedback. Since Bidule will be the host I can also use Adern's new VSTi, along with Kontakt 2, and Gigastudio libraires via GVI.
VSTi's can be grouped into 4 seperate audio stems that go to my hardware analog 4U / 4 BUSS mixer, or bypassed to send 4 stereo stems to the FOH Engineer.

SpaceF has been preparing for XITE-1 by using the Panel Connectors on his synths and mixers. This allows me to collapse the Live Bar and just have access to combinations of mixers or Multisynth.....SahhWWEEET !!!

I tried the DBX hardware compressor attached to my hardware analog mixer through an AUX, and then as an insert in the MB4-II DSP mixer, and even DI's pre hardware mixer, and for some reason as an insert in the MB4-II DSP mixer it sounded better.


Posted: Tue Jun 09, 2009 12:07 pm
by spacef
stardust wrote:hmmmm
is this a contest how to overload my DSPs ?
nah, mb8 is just a bit less than 10% xite dsp power...

no questions please....