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Post by osci » Sun Nov 13, 2005 3:19 am

<a name="planetz-file"></a><a href=" ... .zip"><img src="/forums/images/file_icon.gif" border="0" alt=" File"> File</a><BR> <a name="planetz-tag"></a>Related To: Ableton Live<BR> <a name="planetz-tag"></a>Pulsar Version: SFP 3.1<BR> _____________________________________<BR><BR> Hi folks...

I wanna use my Pulsar with the ASIO for Ableton Live but i don't know how to do this!

In AL (Soundcard Settings) i tried to configure the Asio Driver from Pulsar but it seems to me that i didnt take a effect!

I think i also have to make a project for this... but i dont have much know how about the card and/or DSP-Soundcards! :|

Can you give me some requierd informations please?

(I added a sreenshot that you can see how my basic-project looks now)<BR><BR><a name="planetz-fileimage"></a><IMG SRC=" ... pulsar.JPG" BORDER="0">

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Post by djmicron » Sun Nov 13, 2005 8:39 am

in ableton live, choose asio scope.
In scope, load asio modules that works in 32 bits and set the number of channel of your choice.
For recording, connect the desired audio source to the asio destination.


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