Midi CC and Presets

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roy thinnes
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Midi CC and Presets

Post by roy thinnes » Sat Feb 21, 2015 3:34 pm

As posted by Petal, Midi CC presets can have some flaws sometimes (in his case with Minimax).

Here are some points I noticed during my Sdk work; I've uploaded two test devices which are useful to check by yourself.

Petal used the Mimimax device. Afaik this device is the successor of MiniscopeMk II, which itself is the sucessor of MiniScope. Meaning it's possible that there are some 'leftovers' from previous versions which are producing hassle.

How can it be that a device parameter makes hassle when assigned to a MidiCC?
In most cases it's easy as 1-2-3: parameter right-click, move CC knob, press '+', ready. Save/Load Midi Controler preset list w/o problems.
In some cases however this won't work.

1. Function5
Looking at TestSynth05, you see three controls, pot1-3.
Pot3 is controling a multi-button, which actually are 8 buttons, connected together using Function5.
When you assign a CC to Pot3, it will work at first. Save MidiControler preset list, delete the device, reload it and reload preset list.
You'll see that Pot3 won't react on MidiCC anymore, even though the MidiCC is still assigned.
(please don't try to attach a CC to one of the buttons directly - you'll get an error message 'min>=max'; this is an inherent 'feature' of function5 buttons)

2. Parameters on same target
In TestSynth06 you see two pots and a button. After pressing the button, Pot1 disappears, and Pot2 appears. Both pots are connected to the same target, meaning they have the same values.
After assigning MidiCCs to Pot1 and Pot2 you'll see that just one of them will work (the one you assigned at last); the other CC cannot be used anymore.

These scenarios are not far-fetched:
I used function5 buttons a lot before, cause it looks good and is first choice for some applications.

Regarding point2 (parameters on same target):
unknowingly used it e.g. in DxCwm :oops:
I think that also 'indirect' parameter connections are concerned (via switches etc.).
I have to make some more tests though. But if that's true, it would be a bummer, because such indirect connections can happen quite easily in a circuit.

What 1. and 2. have in common is that more than one controller control the same one parameter (in TestSynth5 all 8 buttons are attached to the same parameter).
And this is something Scope obviously cannot cope with.

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Re: Midi CC and Presets

Post by petal » Sun Feb 22, 2015 7:43 am

Thanks for looking deeper into this problem.

Just for the record, I have noticed problems in at least 5 different synths: Minimax, Profit 5, Prodessey, UKnow and Proone, both when saving midi presets and when saving projects with cc assigned.

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