reusing modules (newbie question)

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reusing modules (newbie question)

Post by capacitor » Tue Jun 02, 2009 2:12 pm

My apologies if this has already been answered & I failed to uncover it via searching :)

I'm looking at the B3 Vibrato DSP module. I'd like to try to get it working outside of B2003. I do have a B2003 license, but want to make something lighter weight (more on this later).

There are 4 inputs:

Signal Input
Signal Mix Input
Modulation Depth
Chorus Mix

Two questions:

1) Is this legit? B2003 key or not, is it copacetic to reuse DSP modules in this way? I think so, but want to know if it is uncool in any way.

2) Signal Input passes audio, but without any vibrato, to the module's output. Any pointers on using the other inputs would be MUCH appreciated :) (Edit: in particular, what values of Modulation Depth & Chorus Mix to try? I'm still figuring out how to assign a knob...but I have tried 0 & max positive values, via PadList 1, with no effect. I'm also perusing the manual for general info.)

Has anyone around here given this a shot? I'm a brand spankin' newbie to the SDK.

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