Merry Xmas!

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Re: Merry Xmas!

Post by tlaskows » Wed Dec 23, 2015 11:34 am

Wise words Dante!

At this rate no one will catch up to quality of German engineering!

The right product begins with a lot of R&D and a good design. Obviously, Scope was designed properly from the ground up.

Excellent job, team S|C (Creamware).


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Re: Merry Xmas!

Post by wouterz » Wed Dec 23, 2015 12:10 pm

Keep up the good work :)
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Re: Merry Xmas!

Post by Fluxpod » Wed Dec 23, 2015 1:37 pm

Holger Drenkelfort wrote:I want to share some personal thoughts and a bit of the SCOPE history with you. You might know that Sonic Core in a way came out of Creamware. I was one of the developers at Creamware, and now… S|C Holger, it’s me. When posting the video of the SCOPE Syndromeda Open Air Festival 1999 ( ... eo&theater), it reminded me of the first SCOPE product's release - "Pulsar" - in 1998, since this happened at Creamware's radio telescope on a hill near to Bad Muenstereifel as well. Bringing out something like the SCOPE DSP platform, at this time it was like a huge vision coming true. A flight to another planet would be nothing related to bring out SCOPE, this was my feeling. And for the introduction of Pulsar, Creamware had invited lots of press people, dealers, musicians, friends… for an entire week-end, expecting the big news. With that, the deadline to get ready with development was Friday, August 21st. And of course, several weeks before that day we recognized a real wonder is needed to get ready with development in time.

So, we stayed at the radio telescope day and night. We had camp beds, and food was brought up to the hill. Did we sleep at all during these weeks or months? I don't remember. But I remember tons of coffee, beer, pills… and something like jack hammers at the construction works right beside our tables inside the telescope. We all were crazy and we all had that one goal. Nothing else mattered… and with the sunrise of the 21st we had made it. That morning we climbed up to the top of the telescope, laid down into the bowl and collapsed into sleep. Sounds like a sentimental story… yes, it is. Exhausted I stayed this day and went back to Siegburg in the evening, couldn't drive my car properly. When arrived, I found my mother sitting on the stairs to my flat, waiting to tell me that my father has died. What I did is going all the way back to the scope on the hill, to the release event. This was what saved me: SCOPE and all the crazy people behind and around it.

What we created at that time was among the first DSP systems, the most extensive, flexible and scalable one, representing outstanding sound synthesis and processing. One year after this first release SCOPE was cult; this was leading to the Syndromeda Open Air Festival… my video post.

Till today, lots of people have provided their work to the platform and the community. I want to thank you! And even if SCOPE does not fit to everybody, it fits perfectly to the special people I like mostly. It never was the money that made us doing crazy bunch of work. It always was people, music, visions, so… emotions and dreams.

Wish you wonderful Xmas days and a good start into a great new year!

Holger Drenkelfort
Hallo Holger,

ein paar Schöne und bewegende Erinnerungen die mich ein wenig in die Zeit zurückträumen lassen als wir per 56k modem eure Updates und Plugins geladen haben.Vielen Dank für so viele schöne Stunden die wir dank euch mit Musik verbringen durften.Ich wünsche dir und dem Team alles erdenklich Gute und hoffe ihr bleibt auch im kommenden Jahr weiterhin motiviert scope ein stückweit voranzutreiben.
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John Cooper
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Re: Merry Xmas!

Post by John Cooper » Wed Dec 23, 2015 3:58 pm

Nice one, Holger! Capturing the magic spark (and the near-insanity) of creation.
Congratulations again on the enduring success of the Scope platform!
Happy New Year,

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Re: Merry Xmas!

Post by ronnie » Wed Dec 23, 2015 6:08 pm

March 2003. I was invited to a Cakewalk Project 5 launch demo at Sam Ash in NY. Hats, tee-shirts, glossy print collateral takeaway swag. The demo was done by a Cakewalk guy who was really knowledgeable and Project 5 was a great concept whose model was based on loops and MIDI patterns to build songs using plug-in synths and effects. A MIDI workflow that I was used to for a decade or more using the legendary software, Texture in MS-DOS. Project 5 was a way cool GUI way to let you work that way without cutting and pasting like other DAWs that were a hassle to do the same thing. Now P5 was Ver. 1 and it crashed or froze a couple of times during the demo and between restarts; on the screen there was Scope! Now that caught my eye. I asked what that was, and he said it's like a sound-card but it's not only that, it's like a whole studio with any kind of analog, digital, audio and MIDI routing without any wires and has mixers and synths and effects that run as hardware with almost no latency. I thought no way, how is this possible and how come I never heard about it? After the demo I buttonholed, I think his name was, Dan, and wearing my Project 5 baseball cap I asked him to show me this Scope stuff. A few of us hung out for quite a while as Dan showed us Scope. It was clear that he was more enthusiastic about Scope than Project 5! Needless to say, I was blown away by what he showed us in Scope and you all know what I mean. Of all the stuff I got that night, hat, T-shirt, glossy color brochures and a copy of Project 5, one little post-it note with the words "Creamware Scope" scribbled on it was the most valuable thing I took home. Within a month or two I had a Luna II and 24/96 Z-Link with Scope 3.0. In a couple of more months I added a Pulsar and soon after that a Scope Professional adding synths and plugs over the years. Almost 16 years later, Project 5 (sadly) has come and gone, along with so much else, including the hosting PCs and even the buildings they were in, but my Scope cards have seen them all come and go from the inside out, hosting them with much aplomb and making them all, no matter how humble, always feel right at home and sound like royalty!

I guess you can say that for me, Scope was the seminal moment in my music production adventure. The thing about it is, while I can be nostalgic about so many other products that I have used and dropped for one reason or another, Scope is really the only one that I can truly say, and depend on, being future-proof.

Thank you Holger, and the rest of the S|C team, my musical life could not be the same without you. And that goes for the rest of you folks here on Z.

May you all have a blessed holiday and many, many blessed years to come. And you too, Dan, or whatever your name is, wherever you are!
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Roland Kuit
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Re: Merry Xmas!

Post by Roland Kuit » Thu Dec 24, 2015 3:03 am

To Holger, S | C and you all a Merry X-mas and a Fantastic SONIC 2016!!!

Best regards,
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roy thinnes
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Re: Merry Xmas!

Post by roy thinnes » Thu Dec 24, 2015 3:46 am

ronnie wrote:Thank you Holger, and the rest of the S|C team, my musical life could not be the same without you.
I can only echo what Ronnie said. I think I cannot count all the hours I've spent with Scope and Sdk.

And I'd like to add one more thing:

Developing the Scope platform with it's close deadline, staying at the telescope for several months, is one side of the story.
The other is actually keeping this gigantic concept alive.
And for that I like to thank you, Holger, and all the people at Planetz, especially John and Gary.
It's also an example that there are still some humans here on this planet who have greater life goals than money.
-end of sermon-

But anyway,

Frohe Weihnachten to Holger and all Scopers!

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Re: Merry Xmas!

Post by wayne » Thu Dec 24, 2015 5:20 am

Thankyou Holger, your dream has enabled the dreams of many, and sparked so much music.

The backbone of musical operations for me for 15 years, Scope has been integral in just about every facet of my work.

All the best, W

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Re: Merry Xmas!

Post by zerocrossing » Thu Dec 24, 2015 4:32 pm

Fröhliche fussboden! :lol:

I'm late to this party, but I can sure feel the love from both the user base and the developers. Here's to a great future to S|C and all its fans.

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Re: Merry Xmas!

Post by sunmachine » Fri Dec 25, 2015 12:40 am

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Holger!
This is a photo of the September 1998 issue of the german KEYS magazine that was out in August.

Merry Christmas to all and a happy 2016 with lot of SCOPE!
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Re: Merry Xmas!

Post by HUROLURA » Mon Dec 28, 2015 9:52 am

Merry Xmas ... a bit late
and Happy new year 2016 (this time too early :D )

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Re: Merry Xmas!

Post by Nestor » Mon Jan 25, 2016 5:05 pm

Sorry I came a little bit late on this one…

Wow Holger! :) Thank you for telling us about these stories on the development of the first system! What an amazing adventure you had!

Getting to know these kind of details makes of it all something even more precious to me. After all, human beings are the ones who make everything, and not machines. I’m sorry you had this hard moment with your father passing by just in the release date, a hard coincidence, it all comes to be even more human…

The description you make of yourself and the guys working with you, as being a “vocational enterprise group”, crazy about people, music, art and technology, does not surprise me at all! I have always intuited you were and are exactly this way, it is implicit in the product itself, something I have expressed in this forum several times when talking about marketing and Scope.

I have so much to thank, :) I have had so much fun, :D so many hundreds of amazing moments with this platform, and I still do, I am truly in love with it! :)

It is perhaps a romantic thought, but I don’t care, I do relate things in a poetic way and when I am at the end of anything, at the end of any process or struggle in life, I realize there is more truth coming from a simple poem than from a full theoretical explanation, in most cases… I think this radio telescope on this hill actually captured some extraterrestrial magic out there and you made it into these cosmic cards of joy, because they are truly interstellar jewels of sound production! :)

I am so grateful! :D :D :D
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