10th CD release Japan

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10th CD release Japan

Post by Roland Kuit » Mon Dec 07, 2015 12:25 am

The 2CD Bi - sonic - Roland Emile Kuit


Biとは自転車のBicycleの意味であり、実際に自転車の車輪をいじったりした音素材を使った作品が3 曲収録されている。それらはこの作家の趣向から必ずしも車輪の回転とかスポークをつまびくとかいう即物的な 音にはならず、電子的なレベルで解体された音粒子の連続として提示される。1枚目tr.1はなかなかノイジ ー。2枚目は58分1トラックという大作だが、30秒から1分程度の短いテイクが99連なる偏執狂的な内容 。トラックごとに速度感が異なる微粒子的な音。スポークに発振器をつけて回転させる小杉武久の "Catch Wave 2002"やRichard Lerman "Travelon Gamelon"とも違うアプローチといえる。
<試聴> disc1-tr.1 http://www.geocities.jp/paganrail/omega ... ic-1-1.mp3/ disc1-tr.2http://www.geocities.jp/paganrail/omega ... ic-1-2.mp3 / disc2


Bi - sonic CD1:
How to deconstruct a bicycle into sine- and cosine sound waves?
Real-time spectral analysis, FFT, IFFT, spectral blurring, phase and frequency shifts of bicycle sounds are constructing a three dimensional sonic world whereby different algorithms produce a trajectory as a journey in stages.

Bi - sonic CD2:
99 Re-Cyclic Sound Objects can be enjoyed intrinsic or using a CD or other music-player set in shuffle-mode to get every time a different CD (audio) trajectory.

Little sounds of art.
With these sounds you can compose bicycle pieces by yourself.
By using professional audio editors or with the free audio editor Audacity:
Audacity download | SourceForge.net
So now it's your turn.
Re-create Bicycle Music or Sound Art and upload your creations to:

A Phenomenological approach.
These 99 recorded sound objects are not referring to a sound source such as a violin or a vehicle. These sounds were disconnected from their source becoming a physical core which can be studied as such. The term acousmatic experience refers to sounds that one hears without perceiving the sound-producing source behind it. A mode of listening which enables the listener to construct a taxonomy of sounds, by organising and classifying a limitless sound spectrum. The act of listening becomes a new phenomenon.
The Phenomenological approach resonates in the field of electronic music (for example in the work of Pierre Schaeffer).

Sold out within 1 week!
Avant-electronic composer | synthesis research | lecturer

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