scope V7 - installing 3rd party plugins - overwrite files?

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scope V7 - installing 3rd party plugins - overwrite files?

Post by pollux » Fri Aug 17, 2018 3:02 pm


I installed scope 7 in a new PC with W10 64 bit. I noticed that several 3rd party plugins have .sys and .dsp files with names that match the names of standard scope 7 files.
I wonder if I should overwrite them, or don't overwrite them and keep the standard scope V7 files.

Any clues? (I think the second option makes more sense, but also the 3rd party files might be there for a reason).



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Re: scope V7 - installing 3rd party plugins - overwrite files?

Post by valis » Fri Aug 17, 2018 3:53 pm

Since we're on Scope 7, we're in uncharted territory for many things. You can either search the forums or backup each file as you're overwriting in the case of bugs. What I do personally is simply zip up the entire Scope dir on a fresh install so I have the files if needed, and make incremental backups of other files as we go along so they're available when needed.

For instance people are often finding that files from v4.5 or etc are needed for certain bugs, so I keep a separate copy of each of those as well.

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Re: scope V7 - installing 3rd party plugins - overwrite files?

Post by dawman » Fri Aug 17, 2018 4:34 pm

I launched the exe. and didn’t add any devices not listed in my keyfile.
Then just rebuilt projects adding 3rd Party Devices I use.

Wasn’t until Modular did I need any files.
Then it was easy to copy over any needed files.

I run a very lean version of Scope.
I delete folders like Modular 2/3, Plug Ins, Recording, Synths, Samples, etc.
Only using what I need.

Im still building the massive historical installation of Scope and its history with lots of custom Folder work I like to have.
Only keeping Devices that work with my XITE-1.
Don’t know of very many that don’t.
But it should be a great install for a non live performance rig.
Plus I can draw whatever I might need and repeat the process mentioned above.

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