ProTools outputs limited in to S-C v5.1 ?

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ProTools outputs limited in to S-C v5.1 ?

Post by MrV » Sat Aug 20, 2016 11:08 pm

Hi folks , wondering if any ProTools / S-C users can help with this ?

I'm running S-C v5.1 on Win7 32bit and I usually use Cubase 7.5 no issues .

I have to do some work on some Protools projects however and have installed PT v10.3.10

Problem is I cannot get PT to output more than 16 audio chans.... it's currently looking
at my Scope project window with ASIO-2 Flt Source64 set to 48 chans.

PT is seeing these but anything over Chan 16 is marked N/A surely this can't be a limit ?

Is there something really simple here I'm misssing ?

Thanks in advance . Michael

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