Luna2, Modules and tripleDAT

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Luna2, Modules and tripleDAT

Post by chick'n.MO » Sun Oct 05, 2014 6:23 pm

Hello all,

I apologize for the length this post will have!
I just remembered this wonderful planet when thinking about how to connect my system once and for all (for good...;¬)


2 x LUNA2

Scope Fusion Platform, Main Studiotools Package
Mixer Package 1 + 2
Synthesizer Package 1 + 2
Effects Package 1 + 2
Modular v2 + v3
STS-2000P + 3000
Poison FM

SCOPE 4.0 Software (running 3.1c on WIN98SE with a P4)

TripleDAT 3.11b

creamware 2496 (8 in/out) 24bit/96kHZ conversion unit



conc. tripleDAT/Korg OASYS sequencer

- As I think it's a good idea to keep every track separate until the very end, I see a problem with the recording of the OASYS built-in sequencer.
Recorded as stereo-mix, I cannot edit the single tracks anymore and every time I wish to change a little something, I'll have to do the change on the Oasys and redo the recording-of-the-mix procedure and reposition it in the arranger window.

Or I could connect every single 'OUT' from the OASYS to a 2496-box 'IN' and record them to 8 channels at once (then merging them into a stereo-mix for playing in the arranger, but keeping the separate tracks on the side for later editing); but can I record to 8 tripleDAT channels simultaneously anyway?

Is there a better way? Any ideas?

conc. LUNA2

- I have bought a second LUNA2 some months ago; does it make sense to bundle them and why? (per TDM-Cable?)
And if bundled, could I connect a second creamware 2496 to the second LUNA and get more IN/OUTs that way?

- the 'new' LUNA2 came with the basic key (MGRF050.....) only; can I use at least tripleDAT and scope 3.1c with it when putting it into a backup-PC?

conc. Modules

Honestly, I never used any of the modules/packages at all (not even once!), except for the Optimaster plug-in, a great tool!
By buying them I wanted to help creamware a bit (I liked Siegburg and the Hund bros.), at a time when they were still struggling to survive and I thought: someday I will need those packages anyway...never happened.

BUT, there is a major problem with the modules/packages anyway; when I add a module, this is what I get --> screenshot.

Even more funny: when I click on a module in the routing window, the 'connection points' disappear altogether and an empty module window remains. So, no fun here!


and finally, probably not very important:

- although I have just one LUNA2 built in, somehow in the registry/keys it shows a line 'Luna' and one 'Luna3' (three!); is this normal?
Does it just mean a Luna2 with V.3 and why the other Luna line?

- since moving to another PC some time ago, the following message appears every time when opening a previously existing arrangement:
"FFT-Effect, wrong file format: File C:\SFP\TRIPLE.DAT\LAST.NOS is no noiseprofile! Assuming white noise at -60dB"
clicking ok and that's it, no appearant problem, so: do I need to care about this?

I understand, it's a bit much asking, but those are the problems...

Also it would be nice if someone could explain to me like explaining to a Flat Coated Retreiver.

Btw, I did 3 CDs with tripleDAT, the best editing software ever (IMHO)!!

for any Germans, I suggest listening to 'Selig währt am längsten!' - any German elder than 25 will know that voice!

thx a lot for all the work on this site and
all the best from Luxembourg,


edit: oops, forgot the screen...

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